Quad Cities: Five Little Jewels Along America’s Mississippi River

From the article on travellingadventurer.com:

“There are many hotels, motels and B&Bs in the Quads, but one stands out among them all: The Hotel Blackhawk.

The Hotel Blackhawk was once a glorios stopping point for the rich and famous before falling on hard economic times decades ago.

But, like the mythical Phoenix, the Hotel Blackhawk has undergone major renovations in recent years and has now emerged as a four-star hotel comparable the best of big city hotels,

The 11-story brick and terra cotta building is a Marriott Autograph Collectionproperty. The hotel is located next to the north building of the River Center, Davenport’s convention center. The hotel is just down the street from the Adler Theatre.

The Blackhawk has been host to several high-profile people including PresidentsBarack Obama, Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, writer Carl Sandburg, and boxerJack Dempsey. Actor Cary Grant was staying at the Blackhawk Hotel when he died in Davenport. The hotel named rooms 412–414 the “Nixon Suite”. Big bands such as Guy Lombardo and Stan Kenton played at the Blackhawk on many occasions. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1983.”

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